21st Century



Inclusive, sustainable, & regenerative
live & digital arts experiences.

Revolutions need good storytellers.

It’s time to focus our creative efforts on a vision for a fairer, more resilient and sustainable society.

We’re facing an unprecedented confluence of existential threats. Climate change, ideological polarization, resource depletion, over-population, and an increasingly dangerous gap between billionaires and the rest of us.

Cultural and economic norms that arose in eras of enclosure and industrialization are no longer serving us. To manifest the peaceful, inclusive and abundant future that innovations in science and technology have the power to provide, we’re going to need new paradigms.

FireDance Media exists to explore, produce and promote future-proof alternatives to outdated storytelling modes.

What do we do?

FireDance Media is a one stop shop for the sustainable production of high impact film projects and special events.

Documentary Production

Special Event Production

Organizing & Communications

What are we making?

Browse the websites of some of our projects.

Adhel Productions Thumbnail

Adhel Productions

FireDance is collaborating on the development of the docu-series Katiba Banat: The First Girls.

Islands Celtic Festival

Islands Celtic Festival

We produce the annual Islands Celtic Festival in Errington, BC, an event with three decades of history.

Kerri Coombs

Kerri Coombs

Our first foray into music production is the Songbirds, a collection of hope-filled pandemic compositions.

Sassy Smiles Headsets

Sassy Smiles Headsets

FireDance builds fast and affordable websites for start-up and side hustle entrepreneurs.

Qigong for Health - Hai Yang

Qigong for Health

We built this tutorial to support the health of seniors going into long term care during the pandemic.

Who is FireDance Media?

Kerri Coombs

Kerri Coombs is descended from a long line of nerds who refuse to be hindered by obstacles or inefficiencies. Her grandfather turned his truck into a lathe because he wanted to make something too big for his workshop. His brother invented the first non-dog-powered vehicle capable of traversing the sketchy terrain of the frozen North. Her father wrote one of the first apps in the world designed to keep track of aircraft maintenance so that we don’t all die on our way to Paris or Cancun.

A life-long “creative type”, Kerri has a bit of experience in almost everything, and a lot of experience in a few absurdly specific things. In film, she was one of the first female grips in Alberta & one of the first female gaffers in BC. As a musician, she produced 4 albums and launched a collaborative songwriting project exploring West Coast history. As a freelance writer, her work is all over the internet (mostly without a byline).

A dedicated internet enthusiast, Kerri has been building websites for fun since the 20th century. FireDance Media is her first related business venture.