You’re only 4 steps away from doing business online.

Unfortunately, each of these steps is a rabbit hole if you don’t know what to do. Just typing “register a domain” into google delivers 720,000,000 results. If your business isn’t building websites, who has time for that? Geeks these days are very specialized. Most web designers probably won’t set up your email or payment app for you, and you might still have to create your own copy and graphics. Not us⁠—we’re a one stop shop. Whatever it takes to get your business online, we can probably do it.

Register a domain

Get a domain name and email address for your new project or business.

Choose a host & platform

Choose a stable platform, builder & web host for your new website.

Build your new website

Find a style & layout to populate your site with your marketing content.

Set up secure payment

Let your clients pay you securely by credit card or e-transfer, without PayPal.

Meet Kerri Coombs, creator of FireDance—and many other things.

Kerri has worked for decades in creative industries as a musician, festival, record & concert producer, arts educator & film technician. Over the years she launched half a dozen projects and side hustles, each with its own online presence. From creating sprites & music for Ludum Dare games to data analysis for Rogers Corporate Sales, she’s tried a little bit of everything.

In March 2020, Kerri lost her job building solar power stations for Portable Electric. She made few more websites for fun, wrote and recorded an album, & started freelancing to wait out the pandemic job shortage. She fixed a few DIY websites and developed some creative projects with friends. When she was finally invited back to work months later, she was too busy to go.

She launched FireDance Media in January 2021 to help innovators, creators & entrepreneurs who are in that tricky transition period between a great idea and a great budget.

Find out if we’re a good fit.

Lean websites aren’t for everyone. If you want dynamic content like a blog, discussion forum, or online store on your site, we’d be happy to refer you to a partner with a bigger team who specializes in large projects. We’re here to help people who are this close to going the DIY route, but realize it’ll work out better in the long run if a web geek does it for you.

Yes, we can help you!

The main purpose of your site is to help clients find & connect with you in the real world.

You want your website copy to represent you well but you’re not too picky about the design.

You want something basic right now that you can expand on later without a complete rebuild.

Sorry, you need a bigger team!

You want to set up an e-commerce business, online publication or community.

You have a 30 page branding guide and you want your site to follow it to the letter.

You are not comfortable managing a WordPress website yourself after it’s built.

Check out our service packages.

Predictable flat rate pricing, guaranteed 7 day delivery, friendly & knowledgeable service, what’s not to love?