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Fast, affordable websites for
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Lean websites for lean start-ups

Progress from inspiration to implementation without spending a fortune in time or treasure.

“Launching a start-up” is code for writing an endless to-do list with no certain prospect of reward, spending money with no guarantee you’ll ever recoup your investment, and diving head first into a vast sea of DIY business and marketing skills you wish you could delegate to somebody else!

You need somebody to fill the gap between figuring this all out for yourself and investing thousands of dollars into a complicated website—a web-savvy pal who can build you a couple pages for next to nothing.

Get Your Business Online in Only One Week

Once we have access to your content and graphics and a clear picture of your business objectives, we can… 

Set up your new web domain and business email address.

Create a Home, About & Sales page for your new business.

Write marketing copy that speaks directly to your ideal client.

“But what am I getting for my money?”

We’re not trying to hoodwink you into buying a clunky piece of crap that looks like your teenaged nephew made it for you in 2005. We really want your start-up to succeed. We hope your business will outgrow this lean start-up service as soon as possible! To show we can deliver what we promise, we launched THIS business, brand & website in only one week. Literally, “what you see is what you get.”

Our website packages for entrepreneurs.

We’re fast, but we’re not “one-size-fits-all”. We understand that your business concept is as unique as you are. Whether you need a simple landing and contact page, a blog or podcast promo page, or a secure payment option so people can buy your Dragon’s Den contender directly from you (who needs Jeff Bezos?), we can help!

Get ‘Er Done

  • Domain name set-up
  • Branded email set-up
  • Home & Contact pages

Give ‘Er

  • Entire Get ‘er Done package
  • Custom About & Sales page
  • Secure payment app set-up

Get a Quote

  • Copywriting & editing
  • Video & audio editing
  • Email campaign set-up

Check out some of our lean websites

We use powerful tools that cut down the time we need to spend on design, coding and customization, but that doesn’t mean all our websites come out looking the same.

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Kerri Coombs
Qigong for Health - Hai Yang
Islands Celtic Festival

Who is FireDance Media?

FireDance Media is me, Kerri Coombs, digital renaissance nerd, doing for myself the very thing I am offering to do for you. Was it dishonest to write “we” this whole time? Maybe, but efficiency is my whole deal. I don’t want to have to rewrite my whole website when I get so busy I have to bring other people on board. Buckle up, because for the rest of this section I’ll be referring to myself in the third person like a snooty royal, so that this paragraph is the only thing that needs to be changed when my business grows.

Kerri Coombs

Kerri Coombs is descended from a long line of nerds who refuse to be hindered by obstacles or inefficiencies. Her grandfather turned his truck into a lathe because he wanted to make something too big for his workshop. His brother invented the first non-dog-powered vehicle capable of traversing the sketchy terrain of the frozen North. Her father wrote one of the first apps in the world designed to keep track of aircraft maintenance so that we don’t all die on our way to Paris or Cancun.

A life-long “creative type”, Kerri has a bit of experience in almost everything, and a lot of experience in a few absurdly specific things. In film, she was one of the first female grips in Alberta & one of the first female gaffers in BC. As a musician, she produced 4 albums and launched a collaborative songwriting project exploring West Coast history. As a freelance writer, her work is all over the internet (mostly without a byline).

A dedicated internet enthusiast, Kerri has been building websites for fun since the 20th century. FireDance Media is her first related business venture.